200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
I would highly recommend HYLA. The teachers of HYLA are intelligent, thoughtful and skilled in their delivery of the course material. The learning atmosphere and engagement was incredibly open, compassionate and challenging from start to finish through each area of the training. The course materials provided complimented the interactive lectures and the supplementary readings enhanced and deepened the learning experience. At the completion of my yoga teacher training, I came out a better human being with a deeper yoga practice that now has better knowledge and compassion to safely teach different styles of yoga to a range of abilities. I began this training to gain better understanding of asana but left humbly as a yoga teacher, positive individual with gratitude for life with an obligation to teach ‘yoga’ which is so much more than just a pose but a union of the mind, body and spirit. Extra bonus, I became part of a group of like minded individuals all on our own personal journey and now supported with the love of our tribe.
— Susan, December 2018
This training was fantastic and very thorough. I enjoyed it so much and was sad for it to come to an end! It was very detailed and I never felt under-instructed which left me feeling very prepared and confident to move forward into teaching.
— Mandy, June 2019
Amazing program. Amazing instructors. Amazing support. A once in a lifetime experience.
— Christina, June 2019
Sara was amazing and teaches from a place of knowledge, passion and the utmost integrity. She changed my life and i couldn’t feel more lucky to have met her.
— Charlotte, June 2019
Amazing instruction. All the teachers where so knowledgeable. I can not express enough how incredible Sara is. Her knowledge of all areas of yoga shone through during every lecture.
— Paula, June 2019
I chose Higher Love Yoga Academy for Sara’s kinesiology background, as I wanted to know how to safely modify yoga for my (sometimes challenged) body. She did not disappoint! Not only did she teach us all of the precautions and modifications for every asana, but she gifted us with 20 hours of anatomy training as well. Sara fostered discussion, and encouraged questions, throughout the history and philosophy portions of our training, so that we would fully comprehend where yoga came from; and how it fits in today, and in our everyday lives. I think this is where I truly began to understand why we are yoga students for life. Sara is an extremely effective and knowledgeable teacher. Her style of teaching ensured that we were constantly reviewing and practicing all aspects of the training. For me, that meant that I was able to retain much more than I thought was possible through new habits and daily repetition. I am incredibly grateful for her amazing teacher training program and her. It’s been an awesome journey: I learned not only about everything yoga, but about myself and my path.
— Christie, December 2018
The growth that I experienced throughout the training was more than I have felt in such a long time. I felt inspired and always left wanting to know more. This has ignited my interest in yoga and I will be a lifelong learner thanks to Higher Love Yoga Academy.
— Lindsey, December 2018
Higher Love Yoga Academy - Sara Cueva, is exceptional, the training - Sara and her highly specialized team, content, delivery, testing, professionalism....I would recommend Higher Love Yoga Academy In a heartbeat, excellent in every way! I hope more courses are offered I’ll be signing up if and when they are! This is a lady that loves what she does, her Academy speaks to that in her teaching requirements, and the level of knowledge and ability that is required to be met to pass. In addition, her connection to and unlimited support of her students, doesn’t end with the course, connections are promoted and maintained beyond. Just no end to good things I would say here! It really changed my life in so many ways!
— Carla, December 2018
This course exceeded all expectations. The director Sara has put her blood sweat and tears into this training and it really shows. She has a strong passion for what she is teaching, leaving her students feeling confident and supported in what we were learning. Strongly recommend this course, or just taking any yoga class from Sara!!
— Kylie, December 2018
I have never felt so accepted and so understood than when I was in Yoga Teacher Training with Higher love Yoga Academy. I learned so much about myself as well as yoga. I have always wanted to teach yoga but coming out of this program provided me so much more than asana practice. It showed me that, without the proper training, yoga could be quite dangerous. Sara put a lot of emphasis on practicing and cueing safely and that is what I am going to bring forth into my new career.
— Kristine, December 2018
This has been a life changing experience for me. Sara is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person, I feel fully confident in my abilities to safely guide students in and out of postures. I would highly recommend this training program to anyone who is looking to deepen their practice, physically and spiritually.
— Anil, July 2018
I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone interested in deepening their practice. Higher Love Yoga Academy has set a standard of excellence in teaching and continues to raise the bar each session with the hopes of providing students with the best possible experience and all of the essential tools to be excellent and confident instructors. Sara Cueva, the HLYA program director, has created a space where each individual interested in deepening his or her practice can feel safe and supported on their journey, regardless of how long one has been practicing, what someone is able or unable to do, or if there is an intention to teach after training. Sara encourages anyone and everyone who wants to take this next step to do so, and because of this, her student body is wonderfully diverse. She respects each student and uses this diversity to spark intriguing conversation with varying opinions, and thoughts, all while creating a deep sense of community amongst students. That said, Sara very much views herself as a lifelong student making her easy to approach and seek guidance from. As a graduate of the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, I very much appreciated Sara’s focus on teaching from a place of anatomical understanding. Her extensive anatomy training and passionate interest in how the body functions are evident in how she teaches students to cue postures, and were a comfort to me when considering my future classes and the safety of future students. This instructor put the needs of her students first, encourages healthy progression and teaches and lives a life of integrity. Throughout our Asana training, Sara taught us about individual differences, how variations within the body can change how a pose appears, and how to be a compassionate teacher who is sensitive to the subtle differences in each student. You can be sure that Sara is producing teachers who will put the safety of their students first, who will respect physical limitations without judgement, who will ensure each student feels supported through modifications, who will understand healthy teacher student boundaries, who will understand their scope of practice, and who will honor the practice and continue to seek out opportunities to learn and deepen their own practice and teaching. HLYA has set up the training days in a way that will maximize understanding weaving lecture, asana, and practice in an engaging manner. Enough time was allotted to both lecture material and practice teaching, allowing me to feel like nothing was missed. By the end of the training and practicum I felt ready to lead a class and confident in my ability. All in all, if you want to deepen your practice, if you want to teach, if you are simply curious about yoga- look no further than Higher Love Yoga Academy. You will not be disappointed!
— Kayla, July 2018
I am beyond proud to be a member of the Higher Love Yoga Academy family. I feel that my 200-hr training FAR exceeded any expectation that I had going into the program. I feel as though I am equipt to start my journey as a yoga teacher. The school has not only prepared me to teach but has inspired me to continue to learn more.
— Allison, July 2018
Higher Love Yoga Academy could charge whatever they wanted as tuition and would still be a waitlisted program but instead it’s a reduced rate to make it more affordable to all students. Sara Cueva is an amazing person and extremely knowledgeable instructor who goes above and beyond for each one of her students. Quality instruction with a sense of humour to get through the tough stuff. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
— Amanda, July 2018
Sara and her team at Higher Love Yoga Academy were amazing, I felt completely prepared and started teaching immediately once I graduated. I love the way the content was delivered and learned much more then I expected. I would highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to become a teacher or deepen their practice.
— Mariah, December 2017
HLYA provided a wonderful learning atmosphere with thorough attention to detail. I felt supported throughout the program both within the classroom and outside of the classroom. The program was fantastic.
— Heidi, December 2017
Sara is extremely knowledgeable and embodies yogic philosophy and ideals with honesty and integrity. She expects dedication, effort and proof that her students can teach safely, with integrity and with humility. An amazing teacher with an amazing attitude.
— Lisa, December 2017
I love this teacher program. Thank you for making it more accessible to students. It not only helps me deepen my own practice of asanas, pranayama, medications, self-reflection and spiritual growth but also prepares me to teach public classes with confidence, integrity and safe concerns through alignments and adjustments.
— Tracy, December 2017
I took this course as a point of general interest and curiosity to deepen my own practice and see if teaching yoga was something that would interest me in the future. I have left the program feeling confidently prepared to teach a variety of class styles and am encouraged by the direction provided to get my teaching business started. Excellent instruction and content for anyone looking to deepen their own practice or to begin teaching yoga.
— Carole, June 2017

I love my experience with Higher Love Yoga Academy. Sara is very knowledgeable and approachable making sure that every student receives the attention they need.
— Debbie, June 2017
Sara did a wonderful job of providing evidence to back up all components of the training, and did a great job of blending asana training with other yoga concepts throughout the sessions to retain our interest. Well organized, great instruction, and I would highly recommend her training.
— Christine, March 2017
The Higher Love Yoga Academy 200hr Teacher Training exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and it was truly a life-changing experience!
— Stephanie, August 2016
I loved the training! It was an incredible experience and the teacher, Sara, is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful! I recommend this training to everyone and anyone!
— Barbara Ann, August 2016

Kristen Kulak, E-RYT 200

It was almost on a whim that I decided to take my teacher training.... I was laying in my savasana at the end of my class like I always do, and Sara mentioned that if I was interested in deepening my practice to chat with her about taking a teacher training. I hadn't ever pictured myself actually teaching yoga but I could feel myself yearning for something, more knowledge, a hunger I couldn't identify. I hummed and haw'd about how I could make this teacher fit into my hectic life as a day home mom of 3 and decided if I wanted to do this I would made it work! I was excited and nervous for what was to come next. I am a planner, a pitta, by nature to the extreme and I don't think there would have been anything I could do to prepare myself for the transformation that I went through during my teacher training. I knew yoga wasn't just about doing cool arm balances but I didn't really realize all that yoga encompasses and how I had already started to make changes in my life simply from my regular practise. After teacher training was completed did the real work start. I decided to pursue becoming a yoga teacher and now work in an actual yoga studio! I still work daily on my yoga practice on and off the mat and the changes in my life are profound, where I once panic over a deadline I am able to find moments of clarity and calm, where I once feel overwhelmed with all three children demanding my attention I am able to stay in the present moment and actually find joy in being needed so much, where I once was filled with self doubt I now working towards a goal bigger then I could of ever envisioned. A year after completing my teacher training I will have over 100 hours of teaching behind and the people who I took my training with still messaging me back in my in box, encouraging me, teaching me, loving me. My teacher training was awesome and made me into an amazing teacher who knows how to cue not only effectively but safely and with confidence!

Dayna Leskiw Der, E-RYT 200

To say that this yoga teacher training changed my life seems like a very obvious understatement, but it still needs to be said. After spending about a year practicing yoga regularly, I found myself wanting to know more about this practice. When I found out that one of my yoga teachers was running a yoga teacher training, I decided to enrol with the intention of deepening my practice. I realized pretty quickly after the training started that I was not there solely to deepen my practice. I knew I wanted to teach. I left Higher Love Yoga Academy’s training feeling fully equipped to teach yoga, having a strong foundation in the anatomy of asana and cueing a well as structuring a yoga class. Perhaps even more importantly, over the course of my 200-hour teacher training, I got to know myself a lot better. I got honest about the direction of my life and started to view life through a whole new set of lenses. Sara is a wonderful teacher. She is caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, and honest and lives and teaches from a place of integrity. I feel so lucky that I got to learn from her and the other teachers at Higher Love Yoga Academy. I would highly recommend signing up for this training to anyone that is looking to either deepen their yoga practice or is looking to teach yoga. I am grateful everyday that I decided to take the leap and sign up for this yoga teacher training because it has truly enriched my life. 

Jessica Hynes, RYT 200

Sara Cueva is one of the most respected yoga instructors in our community, and it is clearly evident as to why: not only is she an extremely talented practitioner, she lives, breathes and radiates the yogic way of life. She is a rare gem - a true symbol of integrity, love and acceptance – having the capability to see beyond ones exterior right into their very core, the place of real and raw emotion, their heart. She is a role model for many, yet an inspiration for all. Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of getting to know Sara on a deeper level. Shifting our connection from student teacher, to also mentor and true friend. It was only fitting when she announced the creation of Higher Love Yoga Academy where she would be leading a life-changing RYT 200 Yoga Alliance accredited course to countless aspiring teachers. Having the fortune of being a part of Sara’s very first RYT 200 course, I can personally attest that there are only a few pivotal events in your life that will fundamentally change you; taking your 200 Hour training through the Higher Love Yoga Academy will undeniably be such an event. Whether it is from her vast experience as an exquisite yoga teacher, her years of training or her passion for yoga, Sara delivers and continues to deliver one of the best, if not the best, yoga teacher training programs offered. It goes without question that the Higher Love Yoga Academy will transform the inquisitive student into outstanding teachers. Not only will you have extraordinary knowledge transferred down from Sara, you will also become a part of a unique community of High Love Yoga Academy alumni, that is priceless in itself. You will be trained and prepared properly to teach safely and anatomically soundly, acquiring all the tools you need to be successful as a yoga instructor. It has truly been the greatest honour to have met Sara and to have taken my teacher training through Higher Love Yoga Academy.